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1910 Legal Cases Shine Light on Compensation Proceedings of the Early 20th Century


An employee of two bakers in Wellington was going about his usual rounds when the harness on the horse he was driving broke. The horse escaped and ran clear of the cart, and the employee was violently thrown to the ground. Sustaining a severe spinal injury, he suffered partial paralysis of his legs.

No one questioned the diagnosis of the attending physician. Officials involved in the case said the employee had no hope of recovery.

Directly before this verdict in this case, a compensation settlement of 303£ had been agreed upon, and parties for the bakery had been paying the man in weekly payments. This case asked the Court to order the payment of the balance to be paid in full. The Court judged in favor of the plaintiff and ordered the payment of the remaining 298£.

New York Spinal Injury Law Officessay that cases such as these show unequivocally the established case law for spinal injury lawsuits. Professional attorneys in these offices have exceptional training in these laws in order to help you fight for the compensation your case deems you deserve.

Another case involved a 41-year-old bachelor who was hurt while working for the Wellington Meat Export Company. While on duty, he sustained severe spinal injuries that left him epileptic.

When spinal injuries such as paraplegia happen in Brooklyn and The Bronx, lawyers are available to look into the cases to discover the facts.

His frequent fits forced him to have someone care for him. Because he had no relatives nearby, he desired his compensation in lump sum so he could move to his father’s farm.

The Court agreed with his need, and ordered the lump sum payment.

Spinal Injuries are disastrous and often require special medications and therapies. In the case of paralysis and other serious effects, special equipment, like wheelchairs, and housing accommodations, like wider door frames and ramps must be acquired. Such accommodations costs quickly stack up, often leaving families scrambling to make ends meet. Several organizations are available to help, but as a NYC Spinal Injury Attorney says, “The responsible parties should be forced to assist in the costs of an injured patient’s needs, too.”

Should you have questions about who was at fault in your child’s injury, contact a New York Spinal Injury Attorney to have those queries answered by a qualified and dedicated professional.

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