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A fracture of the thoracic spine means a break, or fracture


A fracture of the thoracic spine means a break, or fracture, in one of the twelve bones that make up the thoracic region of the spine, in the upper back. This is the longest section of the spin, according to New York Spinal Injury Lawyers, and it has smaller vertebrae, a smaller spinal canal, and a less developed vascular system than the lower region of the back, the lumbar region. It also has more stability, however, due to support from the ribs and rib cage. It takes a great deal of force to harm the thoracic vertebrae.

Spinal Injury Lawyers of New York City have learned major trauma is the most common cause of thoracic fractures, due to such events as motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries, and violence. Such injuries result in neurologic impairment in about 10% to 25% of individuals. Thos who suffer from bone conditions like osteoporosis may sustain fractures from minor injuries. Slip and Fall accidents in Queens and Long Island are often the cause of injuries like this.

The length of disability from such injuries can vary according to a number of factors. Things such as neurological damage, age of the victim, any complications, the stability of the fracture, the type of fracture, the treatment, and the type of job can all change the period of disability.

For example, one who works a desk job may not have as long a period of disability as someone who engages in a fair amount of physical labor. Some fractures may not allow heavy work, especially those that are unstable, requiring surgery to fix. Any spinal cord injury precludes most types of moderate or heavy work.

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