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As with many injuries, spinal injuries can come with complications


As with many injuries, spinal injuries can come with complications, according to New York Spinal Injury Lawyers. Specific ones include neurological dysfunction, hunchback, herniated discs, and bones that heal out of alignment. When high-impact force was involved, such as in a car accident, there can also be cuts or bruises on the heart or lungs. Spinal cord injuries come with even more possible complications, like sores caused due to prolonged inability to move. Even chronic constipation or inability to void the bladder may become an issue, requiring treatment in order to avoid potentially dangerous consequences. Hospitals in New York City and Queens are always on the lookout for these complications in car accidents.

Certain spinal cord injuries can cause such severe dysfunction to the nervous system that hypertension and other cardiovascular conditions result, New York Spinal Injury Lawyers have discovered. Such injuries occur in 48% to 90% of all individuals injured in specific portions of the spine, or by any painful or irritating stimulus below that portion of the spine.

Complications after surgery may include difficulties breathing, or cardiac complications, like heart attack, NYC Spinal Injury Lawyers have learned. Anemia from severe blood loss, problems with blood coagulation and difficulties stemming from fluid imbalances are all known to occur sometimes after spinal surgery. Urinary tract infections can also result from spinal surgery, and these infections can even spread to the spin and any hardware implanted there to support the area. There are a great many things that physicians need to keep an eye out for when attending to a victim of spine or spinal cord injury, and all of them can have a large impact on a patient’s life for a long time to come.

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