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Could Chiropractic Alignment Lead to Better Health?


One of the most fascinating things about the human body is the central nervous system. Although when speaking of the central nervous system, there are many whom almost automatically think of the brain. While the brain is an integral part of this system, it is in almost constant communication with the rest of the body by means of the spinal cord.

The spinal cord could be considered as the body’s super highway since this is where all of the body’s signals must pass either going to or from the brain. It is also on this highway that some massive congestion could occur if any of the roads are damaged for any reason. While there may be some obvious signs of damage, much of it actually occurs over time. From the time, we are infants making our way through the birthing process our spines are subjected to trauma. Each time we fall down the stairs, or from our bicycles, we experience trauma. Most of this trauma remains unknown and unfelt until we begin to accumulate some age under our belts.

If you have noticed how the aged slumps over with their backs bent crooked, have you thought that old age had just crept upon them? Have you wondered why the seniors spend so much time at a doctor’s office or require so much pain medication for their joints that just do not seem to work right anymore? These are the evidence of spinal damagethat has been accumulating since the moment of our births. This is the damage that has both weakened and thrown our systems out of focus. Unfortunately, the only sure remedy for continuing to grow older is death. For most that is something to be delayed as long as possible.

When considering your options to how to improve your life, there may be one that could lead to a path to less pain and an improved overall health focus. The study done in Nassau and Suffolk Counties has found that Chiropractic has been known to improve health due to ensuring that the spine is properly aligned. When the spine is out of line, some of the connecting roads on our spinal cord superhighway can become pinched off and cause neural information to be unprocessed, which can create health issues including pain

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