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Fish May Lead to Spine Cures


There is no way to repair the spine after catastrophic damage – at least not yet. Scientists have told sources that there may be a cure from an unlikely source: fish.

According to research, fish have the amazing ability to regenerate their spinal cords, not only able to heal spinal injury, but to have full restoration of function. In time, they can be as good as new.

Two scientists have been closely studying this ability and have related some of their findings to doctors. They are working hard to learn how fish regenerate their spinal cords, so they can replicate the same in humans. “To cure spinal cord injury would be amazing and incredible for people who are suffering,” said one biologist.

When a fish cell dies, it is “clean”, one of the biologists explained to a rep. Mammals, on the other hand, have massive necrotic cell death, which often inflames the surrounding tissue and spreads to other cells. Studies are underway in New York City and Westchester.

There 1.3 million people who live with spinal cord injuries in the United States today. The cost for treatment for these victims can range from $230,000 to $780,000 in just the first year. “Spinal cord injury is devastating to the individual, families, and society,” one of the biologists said. “The ultimate goal is to cure spinal cord injury.”

Scientists have known of the ability of fish to regenerate their spinal cords since the 1920s, but there was no real study of structural changes back then. Modern research goes deeper to understand what enables fish to recover fully from such devastating injuries. Fish who have parts of their spinal cords removed can recover as quickly as six to eight weeks.

“My laboratory has pioneered the large-scale identification of proteins involved in the individual regenerative processes.” “Our research has led to a fair understanding of healing wounds in the brain or spinal cord. This knowledge has led to a better understanding of the factors that limit regeneration in mammals, including humans.

“Humans have some regeneration potential. The trick will be to unravel the hidden potential of humans, and fish may show us how to do that.”

One day, there may well be a cure for spinal cord injury, but in until that day, anyone who suffers a spinal cord injury needs the help of a Manhattan Spinal Injury Lawyer. Make sure you or your loved one are fully compensated for your injury to avoid compounding physical trauma with financial trauma.

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