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Motorcycle helmets do reduce brain injuries


The latest studies into whether or not helmets make any difference in a motorcycle crash have shown that indeed, they “do” make a difference. They reduce brain injuries and deaths from brain injuries. Interestingly, they also cut down on the incidents of spinal cord injuries, said the New York Spinal Injury Lawyer.

This latest information is of interest, because there is an old myth that says wearing a helmet can hurt the spine during a bike crash. With proof it helps reduce spinal cord injuries, legislators across the country might want to revisit some of their helmet laws. For those states that already have mandatory helmet laws, this validates having their legislation in place.

For those states that either don’t have a helmet law or leave it up to the biker to choose, this new information – that they save lives, reduce head injuries and reduce the risks of cervical spine injury – should help proponents re-consider their lack of a helmet law. Hospitals in New York City and Westchester County say that helmets can save lives and horrible injury.

The new information is in direct contradiction to a 1986 study that said the weight of the helmet could cause torque on the neck and injure the spine. The John Hopkins recent study shows otherwise, and states that bikers were at least 22% “less” likely to have spinal cord injury if they were wearing a safety helmet. Despite the evidence that helmets “do” work, some states, such as Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida have repealed their mandatory helmet laws. Only 20 states have mandatory laws, as does the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

While the 1986 study had validity at the time it was done, helmets these days are lighter, sturdier and offer far more protection than the older models. If you have any doubts about the statistics, just look at the increase in motorcycle accidents since 1997. They have risen by close to 5,000 injuries a year and double that for deaths. Definitely food for thought, commented the New York Spinal Injury Lawyer

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