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Paralyzed Teacher Returns to Classroom


A specialized spinal injury rehabilitation unit’s expertise and unique approach helps a 28-year-old P.E. teacher return to his job at school.

When the P.E. teacher broke his neck in a vacation accident, just hours after arriving in Spain, his excellent physical fitness and positive outlook helped him return to work seven months later. Teaching sports theory to teenagers at Bradfield College, near Reading, though left him exhausted. He questioned his future career until he turned to the help offered by Royal Buckingham Hospital (RBH). A New York Spinal Injury Law Office reports that the RBH is the UK’s leading spinal injury rehabilitation clinic.

Hospitals in Queens and Staten Island deal with paraplegia all the time and doctors in these areas have great experience in dealing with these tragedies.

He broke his C6 and C7 vertebrae when he was only 25 years old when he dove into the shallow end of a swimming pool at a Spanish villa. He was paralyzed from the chest down and experienced weakness in both arms. The NHS hospital he was initially treated at offered him good basic rehabilitative care, but once home, he was left in the care of general physiotherapists who had little specific knowledge about his spinal injuries. A New York City Spinal Injury Attorney says that after just a year with this generalized care, he was left unfit and unable to continue.

He says, “After the accident I was positive and tried to think about how I could do things so it didn’t change my life. But after a year I was absolutely exhausted, having neglected my own physical state. The realization hit me that trying to do everything was too tiring.”

He then enlisted the help of the Aylesbury-based RBH. The team there worked intensively with tetraplegia and paraplegic patients for the past 30 years. The team of experts includes physiotherapists, qualified hydro therapists, and occupational therapists. Custom care, one-to-one therapy in the hydrotherapy pool, and training for independent living are a portion of the services available to the clinic’s patients.

The RBH team was able to rapidly assess his condition and design a tailored fitness program. The P.E. teacher reports, “They’ve done a lot of work with me. They’ve given me quite a strict and challenging program. ”

The program has boosted the teacher’s fitness level and given him energy and enthusiasm. He has returned to his classroom.

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