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Rehabilitation after Treatment is just as Important as the Surgery


Healing only begins with the surgery to the lumbar area in the thoracic spine. Rehabilitation is an important part of getting the individual back into the swing of things, a doctor said. Their life will never be as it was in the past, but rehabilitation can help make the transition easier.

Rehabilitation must address every aspect of the individual’s life from their home, work, school, and community life. The rehabilitation will depend on the severity of the spinal injury and the extent the spinal cord is affected. The fracture must be considered before rehabilitation is begun. The body must be well enough to relearn, a recent study stated.

Some areas will need to be more thoroughly addressed than others are. Rehabilitation is about relearning and doing the activities to the best of the individual’s ability. Motor, sensory, autonomic function, psychosocial, and occupational incidences are all addressed.

Motor rehabilitation includes the movement of all limbs to strengthen and keep muscles active. Sensory rehabilitation includes improving or developing motor control and awareness of movement. Autonomic rehabilitation works on bowel and bladder control. Psychosocial rehabilitation focuses on what the individual is going through emotionally. Occupational rehabilitation focuses on relearning the general work training needed to succeed. Other rehabilitation therapists may need to be consulted if the individual deals with breathing problems or sexual dysfunction.

Frequency of rehabilitation visits depend greatly on the amount of relearning a person needs. Typically, visits for a physical therapist and an occupational therapist will be daily for 26 weeks to ensure the individual learns, develops, and can function on their own as much as probable. Hospitals in Manhattan and Long Island are well aware of these facts.

Each person’s rehabilitation schedule is different depending on how the body has been affected by the thoracic spine fracture. Not only does rehabilitation focus on how to help the individual by teaching them, but they also help get and learn about the equipment they now need to use. It is also about evaluating the individual’s home and work environment to determine the best course of action, a soldier was told. Rehabilitation is about helping each people develop as much as independency as possible. The rehabilitation process is about logically focusing on what features the individual needs to relearn to be more independent. It is not always possible for everyone to be as independent as the individual once was but rehabilitation helps develop that possibility further.

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