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Teen wrestler doesn’t want spinal cord surgery, reports a New York Spinal Injury Lawyer


This is an interesting case, in that the young man, a teenage wrestler, bruised his spine while playing his sport. A court now wants to mandate that the boy have spinal surgery for cervical spine injury, reported the New York Spinal Injury Lawyer. His parents, and the boy, are saying they don’t want or need the surgery and they have a video tape to prove he is capable of moving quite well.

The reason the court feels it should mandate the surgery is that the boy’s parents refused the spinal operation for their son. That prompted officials in their county to take custody of the boy. Why? They stepped in and started acting like the boy’s natural parents, because the family is firm in their belief of the benefits of natural healing and herbal remedies. They feel that spinal surgery could cause their son more harm.

The mother took a video of her son in his hospital bed, which shows quite clearly that he has the ability to move all of his limbs separately, and has a decent range of motion. He appears to have full movement and the family doesn’t think he needs unnecessary surgery, which may cause paralysis. The boy himself also states he doesn’t want the operation.

It appears that the courts ruled he should have the surgery and the family will be appealing the decision. The family feels this kind of decision is not for the court system to make. NY Spinal Injury Attorneys in The Bronx and Brooklyn are very interested in the outcome.

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