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The accident happened when the bus hit the driver’s side door


According to reports gathered by a reporter, accident victims Charlina along with her two children Joyal and Royal Grandison were passengers on a Metropolitan Suburban Bus driven by Peter Smith. According to the accopunts of both Charlina and Smith, the accident happened around 2:50 in the afternoon of September 27, 2004 at the intersection of Old Country Road and County Seat Drive, in Mineola, New York. The accident happened when the bus hit the driver’s side door of another vehicle owned and driven by Ranjit Singh.

Still according to the reports, Singh told the court that he parked his car along Old County Road. About 30 seconds after he parked his car, he opened his door to get out. Unfortunately, even though he did not open his car door any wider than necessary (can only fit one man to go out) his car door was hit by Smith who was driving the Metropolitan Bus at that time where Charlina and her two kids where passengers. Singh also said that he did see the bus approaching that is why he tried to get out of his vehicle at the time he did. But he also said that he opened his car door with caution, opening it only wide enough for him to get out.

According to the testimony of Smith, he did not feel any impact as a result of the collision between the side of the bus and Singh’s car door. He only saw the accident when he had already passed Singh’s car to see that their vehicles indeed made contact. Smith also said that he was only travelling about 5-10 miles per hour at the time of the accident.

On the other hand, Charlina testified that upon collision she heard a boom but did not feel the impact of the collision between the bus and Singh’s car door. But she also said that she and her children were thrown from the rear passenger seats of the bus as a result of the collision. She also said that her right hand hit a pole inside the bus also as a result of the collision. Police were called to the scene and the Charlina and her kids were brought to the nearest hospital for some diagnosis. Spinal injuries were apparent.

According to a doctor, Charlina and her children where checked but were also sent home on the same day without admission to the hospital. Charlina later claimed that she felt nauseated and dizzy and was again brought to the hospital. After further examination, it was established by extensive medical diagnosis that the victims did not sustain any serious injuries resulting from the accident.

Also According to a doctor, it was found out by the court that Smith was not found to have been negligent in driving the Metropolitan Bus and that he was not at fault in the said accident. It was also later found out that Charlina and her children did not sustain any serious and damaging spinal injuries as a result of the accident thereby releasing Singh of any obligation to pay the victims outside of the insurance claims. Accidents like this one also are reported in Queens and Staten Island.

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