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This is an accident with claims on injuries sustained by the victim


This is an accident with claims on spinal cord injuries sustained by the victim, according to findings that were forwarded to an official . The amount in question was a subject of a lengthy discussion in the court by the jury because it was not an easy decision. This is especially true when a person has lost a part of his body as a result of an accident.

This is a very unfortunate event that happened to the victim, Robert Stone on April 3, 1977 at approximately 12:50 in the afternoon. Stone had stopped by Merit Service Station for gas. It was a busy day and aside from Stone’s vehicle, there were eight more vehicles waiting to be serviced at that time. Mr. Tanvejsilp was an employee of Merit Service Station at that time and was the one who serviced Stone’s car. Tanvejsilp had put the service station on automatic and returned to Stone’s car, went to another vehicle and returned to Stone’s car when he heard the “click” sound indicating that it had already been filled-up. Stone paid with credit card and after his duty was finished, he went on to another car.

According to the testimony of Stone, after his car was serviced he went to check if the gas cap was properly placed back. He was bent over, checking the gas cap when the car driven by Kerry Williams hit the rear end of Stone’s car resulting to injuries by Stone, still according to the doctor. It was also further testified by Stone that he did not see Williams’ car anywhere near prior to the accident nor did he hear anything else that might indicate that there was a car approaching him.

Because of the accident, according to medical findings that reached a source, the sum of $200,000 was initially allotted to Stone by the jury. Stone suffered total loss of the use of his left hand. He had lost his middle finger despite efforts to save it by surgeons. It was already severely damaged and there was nothing more to do than to remove it permanently.

Also because of the accident, Merit Service Station was also questioned in the process. It was discussed how Merit lacked proper precautionary signs that would create a more disciplined traffic inside the service station. It was also noted that there was perhaps negligence on the part of Merit’s employee, Tanvejsilp. As for the part of Williams’ he admitted that accelator of his car got stuck. As a result, he wasn’t able to control his vehicle when it backed up all the way to Stone’s parked car. Accidents like this one are often reported in The Bronx and Brooklyn.

According to a report, the jury went into a lengthy discussion considering the sum that would be awarded to Stone because of his already mutilated left hand because of the accident. It was being determined whether a $200,000 was too much for such a case. He also suffered spinal injury.

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