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A Baby Boy’s Broken Neck Misdiagnosed, States New York Spinal Injury Lawyer


A ten-month old little boy was released from the hospital with a broken neck after the doctors failed to carry out a proper examination. The ten-month old baby was brought to MidCentral Health Palmerston North Hospital after a car accident he and his mother were involved in near their home in Glen Oroua. The paramedic who tended to the baby noted that the baby had a suspected neck injury on his report. When the baby and his mother arrived at the hospital, a junior doctor attended to the baby. The doctor checked the movement of his limbs, and noted severe bruising around his collarbone. He then monitored the boy for 2 hours, and then released him to a caregiver, reports a New York Spinal Injury Lawyer. Theoretically, this situation, in the worst case, could have resulted in a fatal spinal injury.

The boy’s mother sustained injuries that required an extended hospital stay. His father, who had to been away on business, returned home the day after the accident to find his son unable to move his head or cry out. The boys head was lolled over on one side, resting on his collarbone. The father rushed his son to the emergency room, and demanded an X-ray. When the results were sent to Starship Hospital, the doctors ordered a neck brace we put on immediately, and then airlifted the boy to their facility to undergo a MRI procedure.

A New York Spinal Injury Lawyer reported that since that time the ten-month old has underwent three CAT scans, 100 X-rays, two MRI scans and surgery. He had to wear halo traction for three months and a half body cast, and was the youngest child to be placed in halo. Hospitals in The Bronx and Brooklyn watch for these situations and take care to treat them with care.

An investigation into the incident found no errors were made in the boys care. It failed to mention the paramedics report clearly stating a suspected neck injury. An investigation by the Health and Disability Commissioner does state that a departure from the normal procedure occurred, and that the baby was not monitored for long enough, and should have received a spine and neck examination. The excuse given is that doctors did not want to expose the ten-month old to unnecessary radiation, and did not have the ability at their hospital to perform an MRI.

If you or a family member has had a missed spinal cord diagnosis, a New York Spinal Injury Attorney is there to help you on every step of the way. A New York Spinal Injury Attorney can review your case and help you get the compensation you deserve.

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