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Spinal injury is not a static thing when it comes to prognosis


Spinal injury is not a static thing when it comes to prognosis, New York Spinal Injury Lawyers have learned. The outcome can vary widely when there has been neurological damage. Bones heal completely in 8 to 16 weeks. The more the bones have changed shape, the more likely it is that there will be chronic pain, or that pain will come in the later stages of recovery. Subsequent surgical treatments may help with neurological difficulties caused by injuries that harmed, but did not break, the spinal cord. In cases where the spinal cord has been severed, below-the-waist paraplegia is very likely, and the disability will be permanent.

Naturally, a spine fracture with attendant spinal cord injury will have a great affect on an individual’s life. Rehabilitation must take all this into account, New York Spinal Injury Lawyers insist. It should address functional status in all aspects of the patient’s life, including home, work, and community.

The specifics of rehabilitation will depend upon the type of fracture, the extent to which the spinal cord was involved, and repair of the fracture itself. The stability of the fracture should also be known before any rehabilitation can begin. Rehab facilities in Westchester and Staten island have been made aware of these situations.

If the spinal cord is involved in the injury, a more comprehensive program is required, according to New York City Spinal Injury Lawyers. Areas that may need special attention include muscle tone, the senses, functions such as bowel and bladder control, the psychosocial capacity of the patient, and the occupational status of the patient. Though some of these are not physical factors, they are all of equal importance in the process of rehabilitation.

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