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Baseball Player Injured after Colliding with another Player


A baseball player for the Georgia Bulldogs was injured during a game when he ran into another player. Both players were trying to catch a line drive during the third inning. The player, an outfielder, was taken off the field in a stretcher and transported to a nearby hospital, reports the team trainer. The player was treated for a few minor injuries and then underwent neck surgery to stabilize his spine. At present, little information is known whether the player will suffer permanent spinal injury like a herniated disc. The player was transferred from the hospital and rehabilitation center, however.

The player is a 20-year old junior who had played 117 games for the Bulldogs. Additional stats include 91 starts and a .312 overall batting average. The player was injured in a game against Florida State. The player’s coach has offered his condolences to the player’s family and hopes the player recovers soon. The player will most likely have to miss the rest of the baseball season. Hopefully, he will be able to return next season to play as a senior.

The other player, a second baseman, was able to walk off the field without help from medical personnel. He suffered only minor injuries. This is not the first incident of a Georgia State baseball player ending up with spinal injuries. In 2009, another player was riding his scooter on campus when he was hit by a campus vehicle. The player ended up paralyzed from the waist. This ended his baseball career, says a doctor.

For now, the player will be closely monitored to determine if there is permanent injury to his spine. His coach said that the player is a strong person and that he has the ability to overcome any challenge. Recovering from any type of surgery can take time. But if the player completes physical therapy and allows his injuries to heal properly, he could be able to make a full recovery. Hospitals in Queens and Staten Island confirm this. The Bulldogs continue to play against other teams and have an overall score of 3-8. It is not known if the outfielder is currently allowed to play, indicates a manager.

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