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High School Senior Recovers After Spinal Injury


A high school senior, name withheld for privacy, is preparing to return to the soccer field this summer, and then play college soccer this fall, sources have told a rep. Like most high school seniors, making the transition from senior to college freshman can be a big deal. This can be an especially big deal when athletes take the step. It can be an even bigger step when the college bound athlete is recovering from a spinal cord injury.

The doctor discovered that this young athlete’s spine was fractured in three places during his last high school soccer season. His opinion is that it happened in the last game. It was not a herniated disc. Since that time, he has been out of athletics, and after surgery, he has spent much of that time in rehab and recovery. Although he has not been cleared for full contact yet, he has been cleared to resume running and weight training. He expects to be cleared for contact in about a month he said.

The senior is reportedly gaining strength and has constantly maintained a positive attitude throughout the entire affair, a friend was told. The youth’s future college coach is extremely impressed with the young man’s progress and has nothing but good things to say about him. He says that the youth has good soccer technique, decision-making skills, and a very strong work ethic. He also added that although he signed the young athlete for a certain position on the field, that he is versatile enough to play in any position the team would need him.

The highly talented and determined young man is looking forward to not only starting college next fall, but also in the upcoming summer soccer season. He insists that playing soccer is something he loves, would do every day, and has missed greatly following his injury. Doctors in hospitals in The Bronx and Brooklyn are taking note of these treatments.

He knows he has his work cut out for him and admits that everyone else has been training while he has been recovering from his injuries. He is also looking forward to the new challenges that await him, as he is able to pursue his dreams again.

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