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Booster seats are crucial for young children


Children don’t know enough to be able to tell their parents or other adults taking care of them what they need in terms of safety in a vehicle. They really need to be in booster seats and every state, with the exception of one, Florida, has booster seat laws, reported a New York Spinal Injury Lawyer.

Why are booster seats so important? They’re vitally important because without them, your child could sustain internal bleeding, spinal cord damage and even death, if you are involved in a car accident and your child is not in a booster seat. Florida as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties right now says parents only have to use a seat belt when their kids get to be 4-years old.

The problem with a seat belt is that it tends to lock down and cut a small child’s abdomen and neck, typically resulting in a broken neck, head injuries, brain injuries, bleeding from major arteries and paralysis. In other words, wearing a seat belt when you are only four years old is not safe and can be deadly, commented the authorities.

In fact, the statistics reveal that a youngster is four times as likely to sustain head and neck injuries and three times as likely to suffer severe internal injuries when wearing a seat belt, as opposed to being in a booster seat. Why take chances with your child’s life?

If the accident was the result of the negligence of another driver, you may have a good personal injury case to be able to file for compensation for your child’s injuries, indicated the New York Spinal Injury Lawyer. Even with booster seats, accidents can and do happen and if the seat is in any way defective, this will increase the chances your child may be harmed.


f your child has been harmed in a car accident and been diagnosed with spinal cord injury, it’s time to call an experienced New York Spinal Injury Attorney. You will need to know your legal rights, how to file a claim, what your claim may be worth and how to cope with what you are going through. For the support and vital information you need, your New York Spinal Injury Attorney is the one who will be there for you.

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