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Drunk driver kills one and paralyzes another


There is no doubt in the world that drinking and driving is not a good combination. In this accident case, a man driving while under the influence of alcohol, was involved in a deadly crash that killed his passenger and severely injured a woman on her way home from work. The injured woman was paralyzed from the waist down as a result of the accident, indicated the NY Spinal Injury Lawyer.

The driver was charged with not only driving under the influence, but aggravated assault by a vehicle and homicide by vehicle. He had been drinking at a tavern just before the crash. Despite being drunk, he thought he could drive. The man ran a red light doing 95 mph and accelerating, when he slammed into another pickup. His passenger wasn’t killed instantly, but instead, died a month later from his injuries.

The other driver involved in this horrific wreck was a 911 dispatcher on her way home from work. Her dispatch center got the call about her accident and subsequent injuries, which included severe spinal cord injury, broken legs, broken ankles and a broken back. Blood alcohol tests run on the driver showed he was 0.15%, reported the New York Spinal Injury Lawyer. The legal limit in his state was 0.08, the same as Staten Island and Westchester County.

When you hear about cases like this, you just want to shake your head. How can anyone think that being drunk and driving like this man did, is safe? Obviously, he was not thinking, but stunting instead, to either be smart or to try and prove he could still drive, despite having had way too much to drink.

There but for the stupidity and negligence of a drunk driver, goes the life of a 36-year-old woman who was just getting off work and wanted to go home at the end of a long day. Her whole life has been completely turned upside down and she has no idea when she is able to go back to work, if at all, said the New York Spinal Injury Lawyer.

If you have been in a situation like this, you need to discuss your case with a highly trained and skilled New York Spinal Injury Attorney. Cases involving spinal cord injuries are referred to as catastrophic injuries and typically, damages are much higher. For the compensation that you need to move forward with your life, talk to a New York Spinal Injury Attorney.The Office of Stephen Bilkis and Associates can offer you support and guidance as well as a free consultation when you contact us at 1-800-NY-NY-LAW. We have offices in N York City, including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and The Bronx and in Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County.

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