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Fire Fighter Smashed by Beam Has Returned Home to Finish Recovery


A fire fighter from Duns was airlifted to a hospital after being seriously hurt while dealing with a blaze in the Borders. He lost the use of his legs after suffering serious spinal injuries when a beam fell on him while fighting a fire at the Eye mouth golf club.

Last summer, fire crews were called to a fire in a green keeper’s shed at the golf course. The building was ablaze and the fire fighter was injured when part of the structure collapsed.

About 35 members of the Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue responded to the shed where a number of chemicals and pesticides were stored, including three specialist chemical incident vehicles and two fire service experts.

A NYC Spinal Injury Lawyer says that because of the nature of his previously diagnosed diabetes coupled with his new injuries, his recovery took extra time and patience. The Spinal Injury Lawyer from NY also said that as a fire fighter hurt in the line of duty, he is eligible for compensation through workman’s compensation laws.

David explained: “At the end of November, early December I asked for a weekend pass for my sanity, to be home with my family. It’s was all very carefully managed to ensure that we could cope with making the transition from hospital care to home life. The hospital is a very controlled environment where there is 24 hour nursing care and it was geared towards people with spinal injuries using wheelchairs to get around. Paraplegia was not confirmed and hospitals in Manhattan and Long Island are watching this case.

“But I really wanted to be home for Christmas and this was the first step in the process. I had been in hospital longer than I’d hoped as being a Diabetic my skin broke down at the point of my injury and this meant it took me longer to get into a wheelchair and a delay in learning to use it.

“Once I got to that stage though progress was swift with rehabilitation and weights every day to ensure you can become self-sufficient. I was really looking forward to getting home for a short visit but that weekend we had exceptionally heavy snow in Duns and it meant I ended up being snowed in for two weeks!

“We weren’t prepared for that but Clare and I being the kind of people we are, just got on with it and we actually found it quite fun learning how to do things together.

“Without a doubt you feel like you are starting over again but I’m raring to go. My wife Clare reels me back in when I try to do too much too fast. Our local medical staff and OT have also been absolutely fantastic at making sure everything is ok now I’m at home.

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