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In an accident at Disney World in 183, a college student was paralyzed from the neck down


In an accident at Disney World in 1983, a college student was paralyzed from the neck down. The young man (at the time) was set up to receive up to $42 million over the next 51 years in accordance with an out-of-court settlement reached with the family entertainment institution.

The 21-year-old senior music major from Mississippi Valley State College was reported as saying, “It came out more than I expected.”

The trombone player and other students from around the country were rehearsing for the opening ceremonies performance when a platform fell on him. The impact broke his neck and spinal cord, leaving him a quadriplegic.

The settlement was announced by the victim’s attorney and was confirmed by a Disney spokesman. He declined to comment further. A spokesman for Disney’s insurer, Granite State Insurance Company of New York, did not comment, either.

According to the settlement documents, a NYC Spinal Injury Lawyer said, the boy was set to receive 5 annual payments from the park’s insurers. Certain details were not available, but the trombonist said he had already been paid $1 million to pay for medical expenses, a specially equipped van, and a new house to be built right next to his parents’ in Mississippi.

The “awfully impressive” settlement did not include a provision that restricted both sides from speaking of the ordeal. “That is standard for settlements like these, especially when dealing with family-friendly attractions that don’t want negative press,” a New York Spinal Injury Attorney said.

The payments break down into at least 2 different types of payments annually. The first is $90,000 which is to increase by 7% each year for the rest of his life. This could add up to be a substantial amount of money. The second type is a flat fee, one such payment is set at 123,000 a year for 20 years. Those payments are not set to increase or be elongated.

The boy was at Disney World because he was chosen to be a member of the All American Marching Band – a 450-piece band of college students. The students were selected from around the country from placed like The Bronx and Brooklyn to play for the Epcot Center’s opening.

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