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12 Year Old Boy Flown To Hospital With Suspected Spinal Injury


A 12-year-old New Zealand boy was recently airlifted to the Whangarei Hospital, after suffering an accident, which could lead to a possible spinal injury. His mother took the 12-year-old to the Kerkeri Medical Centre when he began complaining of a sore neck, reported a New York Spinal Injury Lawyer. While he was at the Kerkeri Medical Centre, he began having other symptoms, including slurred speech and the loss of sensation in one side of his body. These symptoms began occurring after the boy hit his head on the bottom of a shallow pool while swimming sometime prior. This could easily be considered a slip and fall injury.

The doctors attending the 12-year-old immediately immobilized his neck with a neck brace, after identifying the possibility of a serious injury, and took him to the Kerkeri Domain to await transportation to a larger hospital.

At around 4:15 PM, a Northland Electricity helicopter picked him up and flew him to the Whangeri Hospital. He was transferred via helicopter because doctors feared had a possible spinal or head injury. If they had tried to transport him via an ambulance, the trip could have worsened his injuries, stated a NY Spinal Injury Lawyer. The helicopter was in the Bay of Islands at the time of the emergency call, and workers and firefighters at the Kerkeri Medical Centre didn’t have enough time to mark out a landing area for the helicopter before it arrived.

At the time of this publication, there was no further news about the 12-year-old boy’s medical condition. Doctors and hospitals in Staten Island and Westchester County are aware of this type of case and try to handle them the correct way.

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