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Businessman Fined After Employee Gets Injured


A businessman was fined recently after one of his employees was injured on the job, sustaining a spinal injury after slipping and falling off of a ladder.

The employee was climbing a ladder; in an effort to reach a mechanism at the commercial vehicle garage that he worked at, when the ladder he was standing on slipped out from under him. A New York Spinal Injury Lawyer reported that the businessman who owned the commercial business was fined four thousand pounds, and was ordered to pay an additional two thousand pounds after an investigation took place into the injury.

The investigator discussed how, once the investigation began, that the employer faced more fines because of the state of his workspace. The ladder that the injured employee had been standing on was cut off at the top. It also had missing feet at both ends, as well as the bottom rung sustaining damage.

A Health and Safety Executive said that the employees had not received any training in working with the ladders. A New York Spinal Injury Lawyer described how the employees should have been trained before they were exposed to this kind of work, and that the ladders should have to be inspected before every use, to make sure that they would in suitable working order. The recent injuries of the employee of this corporation, as well as the injury of a construction worker who fell through a farm-building roof have everyone looking to office safety.

At the time of the publication, there was no further information for interested parties in The Bronx and Brooklyn on the medical condition of the injured employee.

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