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California Company Announces Stem Cell Trial to Treat Spinal Cord Injuries


Stem Cells, Inc. has announced the initiation of a clinical trial that will see the implantation of stem cells into patients with spinal cord injuries, a reporter learned today. The study in which the first phase will last one year, is currently open for enrollment and will include 12 patients whose spinal cord injuries like herniated discs are chronic and have occurred within varying periods of three and 12 months ago.

This is a landmark study in hospitals in Long Island and Manhattan and seeks to treat those patients who by the definition of chronic have “reached a plateau in their recovery,” and are less likely to experience increased function. This level is normally reached several months after the spinal injury occurred, sources told a relative. If successful, the long-term impacts of this study would give those patients who would have run out of available options for further treatment and rehabilitation.

It has long been recognized that spinal cells attempt to regenerate, but are unable to proceed beyond a certain point without some measure of intervention. Scientists have assisted with some regeneration by providing nutrition directly to the spinal cells. This clinical trial will attempt a new approach. Both California based Stem Cells and the doctors are hoping that the implantation of stem cells will induce the spinal cord cells to grow on their own. It is expected that if this is successful that there should be an improvement in the patient’s sensory and motor function, as well as other bodily functions such as bowel and bladder.

This is not a short-term trial. A study claims, the initial phase of the trial will last one year, during which time all 12 of the patients will have received their stem cell implantations. Once that phase is completed, an observational phase will be to monitor each patient for the next four years.

The trial will be conducted at the Balgrist University Hospital, University of Zurich, by clinical trial leader Armin Curt, MD, Professor and Chairman, Spinal Cord Injury Center at the University of Zurich, and Medical Director of the Paraplegic Center at the Balgrist University Hospital. Balgrist University Hospital is reportedly a world leader in spinal injury research, treatment, and rehabilitation.

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