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Paralyzed Veterans Urge Congress to Leave VA Alone


The Paralyzed Veterans of America’s president appeared before Congress to urge the legislative body away from affecting their health care.

“Without a doubt, the Department of Veteran Affairs is the most effective health-care provider for veterans. The VA’s specialized services, including its system of spinal cord injury (SCI) care, are incomparable resources that are not duplicated in the private sector. These services are being threatened by proposed cost-cutting measures, the drive toward so-called ‘management efficiencies’ and, unfortunately, through politics,” the Paralyzed Veterans’ president told a researcher.

Using both oral and written statements, the president pled his case before the Senate and House Veterans’ Affairs Committees. He urged immediate action on three main points. The first was the lack of staff at hospitals, especially nurses. According to Paralyzed Veterans, there are 140 nurses less than the minimum requirement for nursing personnel delivering care at the bedside. Secondly, the shortages in staff lead to fewer beds. The VA is in need of more nurses, physicians, psychologists, social workers, and therapists, but because of the lack there were 288 unavailable SCI beds in the VA system. Finally, there is a lack of long-term care when it comes to veterans who suffer spinal cord injury or dysfunction. There is no specialized SCI long-term care beds west of the Mississippi and only 150 beds in the entire VA system.

The president of Paralyzed Veterans also brought up the recommendations found in The Independent Budget (IB) for Fiscal Year 2012. This is an annual comprehensive budget and policy document created by veterans for veterans. The IB has been running for about 25 years and their latest recommendation is for $55 billion for health care, $620 million in medical and prosthetic research, $2.3 billion for benefits processing, and $2.8 billion for major and minor construction. It is Congress’s ability to see these funds allocated to best effect.

Paralyzed Veterans of America was founded by members of the “Greatest Generation” of World War II – and these members had all suffered severe injuries of their own, doctors have learned.

There are also offices in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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