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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery is Becoming the Preferred Surgical Technique


For those who have seen many new surgical methods and techniques develop over the years, at least one of these procedures has made great strides as well as improved many lives. One such surgical method is called minimally invasive spine surgery, a doctor claims. This is practiced when accidents like bicycle accidents happen.

Minimally invasive surgery simply stated is surgery that is performed through two small incisions usually about the size of a quarter each. researchers also learned that an endoscope is inserted through one incision that usually contains a camera and light, while the surgical instruments are inserted through the other incision. The surgeon(s) then will watch their activity on a closed video monitor.

What makes minimally invasive spine surgery such an important procedure? Traditional surgery methods have a long history of being invasive, which necessitated long recovery times. Invasive in many cases included doctors having to pull the muscle tissue away from the spine in order to fuse vertebrae, repair lesions, etc. Many patients who underwent spinal surgery with these methods could expect to be out of their normal life’s rhythm for up to a year in some cases. In many cases, patients who have undergone a minimally invasive spinal operation have recovered in just a few weeks and even a few days in some cases.

A study should also point out that some back injuries or patients are not suited for minimally invasive techniques and must still have the conventional surgery techniques. Among these are deformity corrections, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, spinal fractures, and repair of herniated disks.

One type of minimally invasive spinal surgery that is routinely performed is a microdiscectomy. This procedure is performed to remove a ruptured or damaged disc and only involves a small incision.

Another very important point about minimally invasive spine surgery is that robotics and computers are playing an ever-increasing role. These advancements have led to smaller incisions and more types of surgeries being performed that require very precise movements. Some procedures now being performed that were extremely difficult if not impossible before this technology are fallopian tube repair in women, microsurgery on the fetus, and minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery. Hospitals in The Bronx and Brooklyn use these techniques.

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