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Football can be a whole lot of fun for those playing and those watching. However, it’s a highly physical game and there are bound to be injuries – serious injuries, such as spinal cord injuries. That is what happened in this case when a high school senior was involved in a scrimmage in 2008. He was told there was a bunch of things he would never be able to do again and would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, explained the New York Spinal Injury Lawyer. This is not tetraplegia but it is close to that terrible affliction.
The boy had no intentions of living up to that prognosis and has been chasing a variety of different therapies, including human embryonic stem cell injections around his C-5 spinal cord injury and bio feedback to help his brain reconnect with damaged neuropathways. He hopes to also increase his overall motor functions.
The young man’s injury is just behind the windpipe and the stem cell injections are intended to stimulate damaged tissue in that area, said the New York Spinal Injury Lawyer. Unfortunately, this kind of therapy is not available in the US and so the young man goes out of country to get it. Despite many people’s skepticism, he has seen some great improvement in his condition and actually has feeling in parts of his body that doctors said would never happen.

Instead of being completely paralyzed, he is regaining control over parts of his body that he has not been able to move since his accident. In fact, he estimates he has more sensation in about 60% of his body and particularly in his legs, reported the New York Spinal Injury Lawyer.
While this is a remarkable story of the potential of recovery, this isn’t a journey that all spinal injury victims will be able to take. They may well need to file a personal injury lawsuit just as they would in New York City or Long Island, to obtain enough compensation to pay for their care for the rest of their life. Spinal cord injuries are typically catastrophic and turn a plaintiff’s live inside out. This isn’t to say they can’t recover; it’s just that not all of them will have the same chances in life as this young man does.
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