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Football player with spinal cord injuries returns to playing


While spinal cord injuries can be devastating and often life-altering, some people have managed to come back from being injured to continue on with their lives. This particular football player did and isn’t shy about telling others about his experiences. He sustained a spinal bruise last year and swore that no matter what, he would get back on the field, said the observer. He lived up to that promise to himself and is now lifting weights and running.

At the age of 33 years, many classify that as too old to be playing the brutal game of football, but that did not stop this man. Others thought it was time he packed it in. He figured otherwise and proved everyone wrong. Spinal bruising or cervical injury are serious injuries and if a player continues to play, he runs the very real risk of sustaining an even worse injury, explained the doctor. Fortunately, this footballer’s spinal cord healed well, and surgery was not necessary.

Not everyone is that fortunate. Those who have suffered a severe spinal cord injury, as the result of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation, suggested the expert in the field.

The major thing to understand about spinal cord injury is that it is often a severe enough injury that the person’s whole life gets turned upside down and they require some form of care for the duration. This is the reason for hiring a competent spinal cord injury lawyer; they know how to ensure you get the justice and compensation you need to get on with your life.

Often Manhattan and Long Island juries in cases such as this will tend to award larger amounts, because they understand that your life “will” never be the same again and it may involve a wheelchair, continual therapy, multiple operations, limited mobility and an inability to work.

If you have been in a sports related accident or even a car crash and have sustained spinal cord injuries, make your first phone call to an experienced New York Spinal Cord Injury Attorney. If you want justice and fair compensation, it will be the New York Spinal Cord Injury Attorney that will get it for you. Your life may well be ruined as a result of your injury, but with competent legal counsel, you have the upper hand for justice.

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