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Utah Teen Severely Injured In Wrestling Match


A benefit dinner was held recently in behalf of Heber, Utah student who suffered a severe neck injury while wrestling that left him with the possibility of permanent paralysis.

The high school senior, who attended Wasatch High School, was performing a wrestling move that he had done numerous times before. While performing this move, a vertebrae in his neck was dislocated, leaving him the possibility of life-long paralysis or paraplegia, stated a source.

His friends and family have stated that the high school senior has kept a positive outlook, and always has a smile on his face, even facing the future lifelong adversity. According to a witness, the high school wrestler has begun to feel some sensation in his arms, which has added to his feeling of elation. Hospitals in Brooklyn and Suffolk County have taken note of these developments.

The teen, who parents joked only had one friend, had countless people show up in support of him and his family at the recent benefit. The 18-year old also played football at his high school, earning himself the title of class clown because of some of his antics.

An expert commented on how much the 18-year olds injury has struck the community. The benefit that was recently held raised money to help pay for the teens medical bills and medical equipment. The long-term care of the teen is not known, but is sure to be expensive. A silent auction in his honor turned so many donations that it took hours to set it up. More fundraisers are slated for future weeks to help offset the medical costs.

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