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Helicopter EMS – Making the Difference


Many of us have seen them in the air, and hopefully none of us will ever have the need to ride in one, but the helicopter EMS (HEMS) is a service that a person is very grateful is in service. Since most of us have never had the chance to see one of these wings of mercy up close, we thought it would be an experience to take a look at one of the companies that makes sure these helicopters and their crews have the necessary equipment for these flying traumacenters.

One of the largest and most respectable HEMS companies is Air Methods, out of Boulder, CO. Since 1980, the company has supplied products to the aviation industry, and it is one of the largest HEMS operators with about 40 percent of the U.S. market. However, as the rep learned, this is not the only part of their business model. Another part of their business includes making the interiors for the military medevac helicopters, such as the HH-60 Black Hawk, and the General Dynamics Stryker medical evacuation vehicle (MEV). They also developed the SCITS (spinal cord injury transport system) for the U.S. Air Force.

Further, a reporter also discovered that the company not only manufacturers these products, they also have their own engineering staff who designs them. Some of these designs include avionics, mission systems, medical interiors, patient loading systems, and a rather unique floor design that the company says stores blood with minimal spillage. The company with offices in Queens and Staten Island is also a subcontractor to both Sikorsky and General Dynamics. It is also a FAA approved parts manufacturer.

For those who may have read other stories from The Media and have wondered just what does a helicopter parts and medical interior manufacturer have to do with spinal injuries. For anyone who has ever been involved in a car or some other type of accident and has suffered from a severe spinal injury, these helicopter EMS units are one of the best sights that you have ever seen, for you know that you are in some of the best care the medical field has to offer. They truly can be called wings of mercy.

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