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Spinal Injuries Common in Nevada


As part of our search for spinal cord injury information, a source has learned that these types of injuries are fairly common in parts of Nevada. One of the local hospitals that treats an increasing number of spinal cord injuriesis at Renown Regional Medical Center, which is located in northern Nevada, and is the areas only trauma center that is comparable to a larger area hospital.

One of the reasons for the number of spinal cord injuries in this area is due to most of these injuries occurring due to skiing accidents and the local businesses do not want the negative publicity that a skiing accident can be so severe. With that being the case, the local news stations do not report the accidents. There are so many skiing related accidents that the doctors who perform spinal surgeries in this area, actually “handle more surgeries per ski lift than anywhere else in the world.” There are reportedly about 60 to 80 spinal cord injuries a year in this area. This is a rather alarming claim by anyone’s standards.

Not all of the injuries are related to skiing, however. At least one person required a spine operation following a snowmobile accident. Most of the spinal cord injuries in this area are snow-related. This would not happen in Long Island or Manhattan.

Many of the spinal cord injuries in this area happen to visitors to the area. While the mention of a spinal cord injury brings thoughts of several weeks or months in rehab, there are many who leave the area within a few weeks of their accidents. Some patients, for example, have spinal injuries that are not as severe and are able to receive their treatment and rehab as an outpatient. It should be noted at this point that insurance plays a significant role in the treatment, as many insurance plans limit the amount of coverage provided for out of state treatment. It is these patients that receive rehab that lasts an average of about 30-days, and they must then return to their home and locate their own care provider.

A Spinal cord injury is one of the most catastrophic injuries that can happen to anyone. Not only is the person under medical care, but their lives are disrupted and may be unable to perform even the most routine of tasks. For that reason, you want to contact an experienced New York Spinal Injury Attorney who will work to protect your interests and secure the maximum compensation that you deserve.

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