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Yoga Workshops in Colorado Can Help With Injuries


There may be relief for back injuriesbeyond common medical procedures.

A prominent yoga instructor has conducted workshops in Vail, Colorado, teaching for a weekend at a time. He himself is an athlete who suffered injuries and found ways to help heal himself through yoga. The instructor was once a competitive swimmer who suffered major spinal and shoulder injuries while training and competing. He knows all about the athletic life and what it takes to overcome injuries others might consider debilitating.

“We are really excited to have [the instructor] come back to us…” the yoga director at the spa told a reporter. “He knows how to zero in on low back pain and heal aching joints from overuse injuries through his system of teaching. I hope you come and experience his depth of knowledge.”

The instructor usually lives and teaches in San Luis Obispo, California, and travels all over the world to spread his form of healing. His techniques and practices have been written about by many and he even founded a leading eco yoga products company.

In his workshops in Queens and Staten Island, the instructor is very clear in his explanations, as he teaches his students to sharpen their attention and learn how to recognize the more subtle sensations of the body, often near the heart, belly, and pelvic floor. These help people heal from injuries. Whatever the issue might be, such courses help the student build all-important confidence.

“You will discover the ever-present tools of gravity and grace, that help uncover physical and mental limitations and through a strengthening awareness of the subtle body, begin a more natural and personal healing of current or old injuries,” the spa’s yoga director told a rep.

The yoga practiced by the instructor is particularly effect in helping people with limited mobility, whether through injury or other reasons. Its goal is to restore mobility without pain.

It is believed that the practices learned not only overcome some physical limitations but some psychological limitations as well. Even though the workshops is geared to those with spinal injuries, they are open to those without injuries as well, and to students of any level of experience.

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