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Helmets Can Prevent Spinal Injuries


New York Spinal Injury Lawyers have discovered that bicycle riders who wear helmets are 22% less likely to sustain an injury to their cervical spins than riders who did not wear helmets, after crashing their bicycles or motorcycles. This contradicts the supposition of some who say the weight of the helmet causes enough torque on the neck in a motorcycle crash to contribute to spinal injuries.

“We are debunking a popular myth that wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle can be detrimental during a motorcycle crash,” a professor of surgery told a New York Spinal Injury Lawyer. “Using this new evidence, legislators should revisit the need for mandatory helmet laws. There is no doubt that helmets save lives and reduce head injury. And now we know they are associated with a decreased risk of cervical spine injury.”

The professor and his colleagues sifted through data of more than 40,000 motorcycle collisions that occurred between 2002 and 2006. Not only did the riders who wore helmets suffer fewer cervical spine injuries, but they also showed lower risks for traumatic brain injury and death.

Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas, among other states, have already repealed laws requiring motorcycle riders to use helmets, according to New York City Spinal Injury Lawyers. The advocates for this repeal sited a 25-year-old study which showed helmet wearers suffered more spinal injuries than those who went without. However, helmet technology has advanced significantly since then. Helmets are quite a bit lighter, but stronger than ever before.

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