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Someone who has suffered spinal cord injury will usually have suffered some recent trauma


Someone who has suffered spinal cord injury from a slip and fall accident will usually have suffered some recent trauma and will report tenderness on a certain part of the spine and pain when moving, NYC Spinal Injury Lawyers have noted. They may appear to even be paralyzed from the waist down, but still have some sensations, or even some slight movement, in that area.

Signs of real neurologic energy will often include bowel or bladder dysfunction and changes in sensation in the region around the anus (perianal region). Physicians should obtain a history of any previous spinal injury or neurologic difficulties the patient may have suffered in the past. The mechanism of the current injury should also be studied, along with the patient’s general state of health. Injury Lawyers recommend that the patient’s family be interviewed, or even observers, if the patient is unable to respond.

Upon being physically examined, a physician may discover cuts, bruising, and deformity on the back. It may be possible to feel any shifted vertebrae through touch. A seatbelt may have also left bruises or other marks along the chest or abdomen. The patient may also have difficulty moving his or her legs. It is difficult to assess motor function or levels of pain in a patient who is unconscious or intoxicated, NYC Spinal Injury Lawyers have discovered. Sometimes, the only way to tell, at first, if there is spinal cord injury is to watch the involuntary movement of the victim’s limbs. Examination by doctors in Nassau and Suffolk Counties should also include head injury assessment and checks for broken bones or abdominal or urologic trauma.

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