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Judge Refuses Parents Treatment of Injured Wrestler


A Philadelphia judge on refused on Monday to let the parents of a hospitalized Chichester High School wrestler treat him at home with alternative medicine. The judge did not resolve the battle with the family and the boy’s doctors.

The teenager from Boothwyn has been hospitalized since he collided with another player during wrestling practice and was briefly paralyzed. The boy’s mother described his injuries as a bruised spine, and stated that he can now sit up with assistance. She stated that doctors want to use screws, plates and rods to stabilize his neck, reports a New York Spinal Injury Lawyer. This is close to but not a slip and fall Injury.

The county won temporary custody after the parents rejected the doctor’s recommendations for their son. They wanted to treat him at home with natural herbal remedies and physical therapies.

The father insisted after leaving the courtroom that they were merely trying to do what is best for their son. According to a reporter, the boy’s mother holds a naturopathy degree from Trinity School of Natural Healing in Indiana. This school is a nondenominational Christian school that allows students to earn a degree by mail.

The family stated that they received a letter from the county stating that their son was at risk, and therefore the county was taking custody. This was not the first time that the courts had been involved in their lives. Records show that the boys mother was arrested on child-endangerment charges in 2000, although the charges were later dropped, states a NYC Spinal Injury Lawyer.

The parents are wanting to use chlorophyll and other herbs to treat their son. The neurologist who has practiced in Nassau and Suffolk County says that these drugs are not strong enough to do any good. At the time of this publication, the battle between parents and doctors remained unfinished.

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