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Marquis Daniels Released From Hospital


Boston Celtics player Marquis Daniels was released from the hospital on February 7th, 2011 after sustaining a spinal cord injury during Sunday’s game.

Daniels was playing with his team, the Boston Celtics, against the Orlando Magics when he sustained his injury. The injury occurred when Daniels tripped over Gilberu Arenas, reports a New York Spinal Injury Lawyer. Daniels hit his forehead against the ground, which resulted in his spinal injury. He lay motionless on the court floor for several minutes before being removed from the court on the stretcher. According to a knowledgeable person who has studied cases in Nassau and Suffolk County, to give the fans a sign of hope, he did manage to flash a thumbs up sign as he was being carted off the floor of the T.D. Banknorth Garden Stadium.

A spokesperson for the Boston Celtics team informed the press that Daniels was released from a local hospital early this morning. He was said to be in good spirits and joking with the nursing staff.

A NY Spinal Injury Lawyer reported that the general manager of the Boston Celtics stated that Daniels would possibly miss one to two months while out with this injury. When he slammed his forehead into the floor he sustained a bruised spinal cord, and needs time to heal. Thankfully, he is not in danger of paraplegia or any other really serious outcome.

No other word of Marquis Daniels health was known at the time of this report, nor any specifics as to how this will affect his future career past the one to two months that he may be out.

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